Do you want Shortland Street on DVD?

As you may have noticed Neighbours, Home and Away even Prisoner Cell Block H is getting a DVD release in the UK, do you think Shortland Street should get it's greatest moments released? 

If so then send an e-mail to the folks at fremantle to ask them for a release: and


Shortland Street is gone for good,

Carlton confirmed today. Last Episode aired 28/08/2003

UPDATE: ITV have said they have no plans to screen the show on there network and that it is regional and therefore must be screened at a regional level, however itv have just axed the 4 regional slots Shortland Street occupied leaving no space for it to go into.

I encourage everyone and I mean everyone to contact Carlton and ITV by phone, e-mail. fax and letter to let them know we want our show back also to sign the petition which will be forwarded to them, let our voice be heard and do not let Shortland Street fade into distant memory, itv/Calrton should not be allowed to get away with this, in the Central region it has been on for over 10 years.

Also if you still have time after doing all that send an e-mail to five letting them know you want to see the show on there channel and to FTN and LivingTV.

The more people who ask for the show, the more likely it is to be picked up by one of the stations mentioned or to be renewed by itv/Carlton.

E-mail Cartlon:

Phone Carlton: 0870 600 6766

Fax Carlton: 0121 634 4898

E-mail itv 1:

Phone itv 1: 020 7843 8000

Fax itv 1: 020 7843 8158

Sign the Shortland Street Petition.

E-mail Five:

Phone Five: 08457 050505

E-mail FTN:

E-mail LivingTV:


Shortland Street has been cancelled on Carlton but will continue.... maybe?

Carlton have confirmed that they will cease transmission of Shortland Street next week on the 27th or 28th (this date varies according to different listings magazines).

The reason the 14:30 slot is being networked and so there is no slot available.

Tentative Information Below:

The good news is the show has been picked up by the itv network and will be screened nationwide, the bad news is that no data is available on the scheduling, the Duty office at Carlton stated it will be back in a different form than we are used to and that there are few network slots available and that the network is still looking to place the show.

More info should be made available one assumes next week after the last episode screens on Carlton.

A new itv schedule commences week 37 so hopefully Shortland Street will be in it, please contact itv network centre and let them know you want to see the show:

UPDATE: No info was given about it being the final episode, Carlton showed no respect to the fans after 10 years.




Shortland Street in trouble again?

Carlton have confirmed that they currently own the rights to screen up to and including episode 2367, today's episode 03/07/2003 is 2309 this means that the show will cease transmission on 09/10/2003 if no new episodes are acquired, this also ties in with the start of the Rugby World Cup on the 10th October running through till the 22nd November which Carlton said at the beginning of the year would affect Shortland Street. 

Whether the show will be back during the Rugby, after, next year or never is anyone's guess.  I encourage all Shortland Street fans out there to sign the new petition to get the show renewed and also to contact Carlton directly to let them know you watch the show and that you  want that contract renewed before the 9th October.  Carlton will listen to viewers comments as it shows them and advertisers that viewers are watching.  If you prefer you can phone them 0870 6006766 or Fax them 0121 634 4898

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Attention Viewers in Wales

Please note Shortland Street will not be shown in the Wales on 10 July, they will have coverage of Llangollen 2003 instead.  There is no slot available to show the missing episode before the following Monday when they will be back in tandem with the rest of the Network.
Thank you for contacting Carlton Television Ltd
Duty Officer/ss

Thanks to Jeremy for the info.



Livingtv  Screen The Strip

The show from New Zealand stars everyone's favourite Shortland Street villainess Samara Hindmarsh.  Jodi Rimmer plays a character called Kathryn.

The show airs @ 0.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Livingtv and is repeated an hour later on Livingtv+1.

Shortland Street Stars @ the movies
The Matrix Reloaded out now in UK cinemas features a number of minor roles for ex Shortland Street stars:

Rene Naufahu (Sam Aleni) as Zion Gate Operator

Tahei Simpson (Cassie Moore) as Binary

Whale Rider,  a New Zealand film of critical acclaim is making waves in the USA and is heading for cinema screens in the UK this June/July.

Made by South Pacific Pictures (the makers of Shortland Street) it's main cast members include Rawiri Paratene aka Joe Hudson and Tahei Simpson aka Dr Cassie Moore.  

For more information see the official website


Border ends Shortland Street

The show is nearing the end of it's contract in the Border region and they are not renewing it, final episode airs Wednesday 26th March, please send a complaint to Border and sign the petition so that you can continue to watch the show in your region, every bit helps.

Bad news for Crossroads, good news for Shortland Street?
CROSSROADS returned in March 2001 and has run for nearly two years. Unfortunately, despite working with ITV to develop a new, distinctive style for the show, viewers have not warmed to CROSSROADS in sufficient numbers. ITV has taken the decision to end transmission in the summer.

It is disappointing to all those people who have worked and been involved with the show and, of course, those who have become fans of the new CROSSROADS".

Duty Officer-AT
Carlton Television ITV1

Itv have officially cancelled the show it will now end in the summer.  This now leaves the 5pm slot empty and no doubt itv will attempt to fill it with rubbish or re-runs however this is a golden opportunity for them to network Shortland Street, please e-mail Carlton and itv 1 and suggest Shortland Street for the slot.